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Why Donate to Save Grassroots Radio?

We have been unsuccessful attaining our goals by merely asking the KRFC Board of Directors for mediation, so we are pursuing alternate strategies which sometimes cost money. For example Save Grassroots Radio incurred advertising costs sponsoring David Barsamian speaking in Fort Collins -- a low-key community education and outreach event. Our excellent legal counsel is donating much of his time, but does need some funds and case-related expenses.

Donations are currently doubled through a matching grant so act now! Donations are not tax deductable.

about us

KRFC and Save Grassroots Radio (formerly Open KRFC) are located in Fort Collins, Colorado

Our Roots

2007-03/Mar Founding Board member and DJ Eddie Arthur comments

Eddie's Comments March 2007

KRFC was founded as a democratically run station. This was very clear. What was unclear is what exactly that meant. Everybody had an opinion, volunteers, members and board. Instead of discussing this in an open manner, the board instead hired a manager, Beth Flowers, who ended the

2006-04/Apr Larry McCulloch asks board to reconsider their position on mediation

From: Larry McCulloch
Sent: Friday, April 21, 2006 2:34 PM
Cc: Larry McCulloch Subject: Open letter to the KRFC Board

Letter to the Board of KRFC,

2006-04/Apr David Lauer (R.I.P.) Expressing Concern to KRFC Board

April 21, 2006

Greg Krush, Jennifer Lowry, Jack Armstrong, Chris Kennison, Saul Hopper, Cat McClintock, Diane Miller, Susan Sternlieb,

This is in reply to Beth Flowers’ pre-Spring Membership Drive letter of April 12th. She claims my last pledge was $400, and asks that I increase this by $25 more to “help support the KRFC Save our Shack Fund which helps protect the KRFC transmitter.” The $400 was a lump sum contribution three years ago. I have been a sustaining member since then. You take $ out of my checking account every month. But I’m not so sure this will continue.

2005-06/Jun Board Refuses Independent Inquiry into Eddie Dismissal

Dear Concerned Members and Volunteers,

Thank you for your letter, received May 10, 2005, concerning a suggestion to create an independent committee to review Eddie Arthur's dismissal as a KRFC volunteer by our station manager. We understand your concern regarding the dismissal of a prominent volunteer, especially since confidentiality prevents the station manager and the board from releasing the details of Eddie Arthur's dismissal.

2005-04/Apr Programmer Kate Tarasenko on Democracy

Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2005 11:21 pm
Post subject: Democracy means never having to say Shut up

Dear JoAnn, and Everyone --

I'm surprised that, given your background (with KRFC, teaching, activism, etc.) you would attempt to stifle dissent or mere discussion at KRFC, even when it calls into question the station's actions and decisions. Personally, I can't think of a MORE appropriate time to do it than when we're asking people to, once again, support it with their financial contributions.

2005-??? Kevin responds to Bullhorn KRFC article

Letter to the Bullhorn I wrote shortly after the article about KRFC was published. They chose not to publish this. -Kevin

Dear Bullhorn,

Joshua Zaffos recent KRFC article again proves what most of us suspect is the most daunting of journalist tasks: taking a vastly complicated situation and doing it justice. His article was an admirable start but much still needs to be uncovered & examined if we are to gain a productive sense as to what is happening right now at KRFC.

2005-06/Jun Kevin writes Bullhorn about resigning

Posted June 8, 2005: Below is a letter I sent to the Bullhorn several months ago for publication; sadly, they choose not to print this. I offer this here as a greater explanation as to why I have resigned as a member of the programming committee and a DJ at KRFC. I felt it dishonest to continue my participation in an organization that clearly I could no longer believe in. -Kevin

Dear Bullhorn,

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