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2006-03/Mar An Open Letter to the KRFC Community from the Board

March 22, 2006

An Open Letter to the KRFC Community

Dear KRFC friends,

A lot has happened at the station since we went on air March 1, 2003. Much to our
delight and pride, we have grown faster and bigger than many of us expected. In this last
year alone, we installed brand new equipment in all our studios and more than 350 people
volunteered more than 40,000 hours of time ­ equivalent to nearly 20 full time staff.
We've moved from infancy to toddler to teenager as an organization in three short years.
With that growth has come struggle and pain.

2006-04/Apr Board Corrects "Misconceptions"

This form letter was received by at least three people, on about April 29th, who wrote impassioned letters to the board about the situation at KRFC. At least one writer remarked that the formulaic reply doesn't address any of the points in the letter they sent

KRFC Denies Petition, Fires Volunteers

Subject: KRFC Denies Petition, Fires Volunteers
Date: May 15, 2006

Dear KRFC Volunteers:

KRFC Station Manager Beth Flowers Resigns

Beth Flowers cites health issues as reason for her departure

Grassroots Community Radio: an Endangered Resource

A Public Forum Featuring David Barsamian, sponsored by Save Grassroots Radio

David BarsamianDavid Barsamian
David Barsamian is the founder and director of Alternative Radio, an independent, award-winning, weekly radio program produced in Boulder, Colorado. AR presents information and perspectives that are ignored or distorted in the corporate-controlled media. The one-hour program is broadcast on more than 125 public radio stations around the world. Until recently, it was aired on KRFC fm, but they cut it with schedule changes. David will address the corporatization of community radio, which is happening locally and nationally.

Our Story

We are a group of people who care about KRFC and who believe the station is losing its way. Our group is made up of people who are or have been financial contributors, board members, volunteers, original founders, SPA committee members, and programmers.

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