making the original krfc mission a reality

Save Grassroots Radio - R.I.P.

Although we ended our group activities in 2009, we are formally wrapping up our loose ends now.

We will soon disband our mailing lists, will allow our registration with the Secretary of State to lapse, and are deciding on how to dispose of the last $55 in our bank account in accordance with our original mission.

The historical information on this web site will be preserved while there is energy to do so, but it is no longer under the control of the Save Grassroots Radio organization.

-Paul Bame

What's Happening?

>> June 8, 2010, 2010 WTJU Charlottesville seems to be experiencing something remarkably similar to KRFC in 2004. Compare this WTJU article to this KRFC article. Check out their petition and current press.
>> May 14, 2010 Workshop on conflict at radio stations given at Grassroots Radio Conferece 2010 a success!
Feb 17, 2010 FCC Grants noncommercial and LPFM licenses
Jan 15, 2010 FCC allows public radio to raise funds on air for Haiti -- WMNF Tampa raises $93,000 in 12 hours
Jan 9, 2010 Non-profits like KRFC suffer in economic hard times. Support your local media!
April 14, 2009 Colorado Immigration History Panel Listen! (Beet Street description)
March 13, 2009 - Commentary by Betty Aragon on KRFC News regarding a music venue's potential hazards to the Buckingham neighborhood of Fort Collins. Listen!
Feb 27, 2009 - "Charity and Social Justice" commentary by Paul Bame on KRFC News. Listen!

KRFC shuffles content, staff Daily local news broadcast on hiatus (help 'em out!)

BY PAT FERRIER • • September 2, 2010

KRFC, the grass-roots public radio station in Fort Collins, will temporarily drop its local daily news broadcast amid budget cuts that also eliminated the news and music director positions.

Program Changes, April 2, 2007

KRFC's new program schedule marginalizes progressive programming:

  • Free Speech Radio News, the daily half-hour evening-oriented news program is cancelled.
  • Democracy Now!, the daily one-hour morning-oriented news program is moved from 6pm to 7pm daily and will not air at all on Friday. Friday's show may be available at 5AM Saturday morning.
  • Counterspin, the weekly half-hour media criticism show is cancelled.
  • Alternative Radio, the weekly one-hour public affairs show is cancelled.


"Community radio is where civil society speaks its mind about issues both local and global. Public, civic discourse is the essence of democratic behavior, and has been stifled by the current KRFC management. We are lesser, more impoverished for this change;"
- Sally Miles

"KRFC was founded as a democratically run station. This was very clear. What was unclear is what exactly that meant. Everybody had an opinion, volunteers, members and board. Instead of discussing this in an open manner, the board instead hired a manager who ended the discussion for them and sealed the station into what could be called a shotgun consensus model."
- Eddie Arthur, 2007, in the library > important letters

"Dialogue is a conversation between adults the outcome of which is unknown."
-Martin Buber

"The workings of KRFC have truly become a nightmare for anyone interested in a community radio station run in a democratic manner, or to be precise, "a community radio station that is listener supported and democratically managed." That's from the KRFC Mission Statement. [The] recent e-mails from the Station Manager and the President of the Board of Directors reveal, in my opinion, obvious violations of the KRFC Mission Statement."
- Jeff Rowan, 2005, in the library > important letters

"Grassroots radio fosters democracy, both in its programming and its governance."
from The Grassroots Radio Movement in the U.S.
- Marty Durlin, Cathy Melio
"It seems essential to first define what is meant by the terms "democracy" and "accountability" Here's what it means to me: (what does it mean to you?)
  1. The people affected by a decision are the ones who make it
  2. People who are doing work decide how they do that work.
  3. People doing work on behalf of others must be accountable to those others, and work on behalf of the needs of others as well as their own.

- Lyn Gerry, a founder of the FreePacifica movement in the mid 90's
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