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Save Grassroots Radio - R.I.P.

Although we ended our group activities in 2009, we are formally wrapping up our loose ends now.

We will soon disband our mailing lists, will allow our registration with the Secretary of State to lapse, and are deciding on how to dispose of the last $55 in our bank account in accordance with our original mission.

The historical information on this web site will be preserved while there is energy to do so, but it is no longer under the control of the Save Grassroots Radio organization.

-Paul Bame

KRFC shuffles content, staff Daily local news broadcast on hiatus (help 'em out!)

BY PAT FERRIER • • September 2, 2010

KRFC, the grass-roots public radio station in Fort Collins, will temporarily drop its local daily news broadcast amid budget cuts that also eliminated the news and music director positions.

KRFC Public Affairs Screening (proposed)

Public Affairs, Spoken Arts Screening (Proposed)

Membership in the Public Affairs Screening Team

(This is similar to the PTFP grant team)

Eddie's Survey

Here's a FCPAN survey

AR Campaign

Betty Aragon - Concerned with effects of large music venue on the Buckingham neighborhood

Betty Aragon from Fort Collins' Buckingham neighborhood discusses a proposed music venue, concerns about noise on the neighborhood, and gentrification. Aired March 6, 2009 on KRFC

3:52 minutes (2.22 MB)

Paul Bame - Charity and Social Justice

Commentary aired on KRFC 88.9 on Feb 27, 2009, exploring the difference between charity and social justice.

2:43 minutes (1.56 MB)

Cheryl Distaso - Freedom to Marry Day

"Opinion Page" commentary aired on KRFC Friday, Feb 20, 2009 in anticipation of Feb 21, 10th annual Freedom to Marry Day in Fort Collins

3:01 minutes (1.73 MB)

Our Lawsuit - YOU BE THE JUDGE (ignored petition)

Should KRFC continue to spend individual and small business contributions defending their dismissal of a petition which sought to involve KRFC membership in choosing a new station mission?

Our Lawsuit - YOU BE THE JUDGE (membership list)

Should KRFC continue to spend individual and small business donations defending this lawsuit? Read a bit about our case and judge for yourself.
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