AR Campaign

from Action Planning Worksheet:

  • What is our GOAL?
    • Alternative Radio to air weekly on KRFC between 7am and 9pm.
    • Of course many actions serve multiple goals. And we always need to remember that the processes of developing our organizations and skills are as important as urgent external goals.
  • Who can give us what we want?
    • GM is final programming decider (Board could override)
    • Programming Committee aka Community Advisory Board makes programming recommendations
    • Volunteer(s) to actually do the work to air AR
  • Is there another audience who we also want to address?
  • Who is most affected by this issue?
    • potential listeners of Alternative Radio
    • CSU Ethnic Studies folks for example
    • people interested in environmental, economic, foreign policy, ethnic, social, and other justices
  • Who is against us?
    • PC: Joann, Louis, other members neutral or slightly against
    • volunteers: probably several, including Dianne
    • Unsure where General Manager stands
    • Possibly some board members
  • Who are our allies?
    • CSU Dept Ethnic Studies
    • Some PV Greens, STPers, CJPEers
    • Some petition signers and other SGRers
    • Probably Eric Fried
    • David Barsamian, producer of AR
    • possibly news team members, esp. Elizabeth Bailey
  • Who might become an ally?
    • Neutral PC members
    • Public Affairs and other programmers
  • Who can we try to keep neutral?
    • General Manager (maybe, could be polarized)
    • non-partisan PC members
    • non-partisan Board members
    • influential volunteers, perhaps staff
  • How do we get people who are with us to be willing to step it up a notch?
    • prepare them very well (talking points, contact info, possible future steps)
    • give them a copy of AR they'd enjoy
    • give them a sense this is a winning team if possible (many people won't join an unknown team)
    • support them before and after, have coffee, elicit and listen to their cherished values
  • What resources do we have right now?
    • membershp list
    • Sally, Paul, David Barsamian, probably other SGRers if we ask
    • telephone, email
    • contacts with STP, CJPE, PV Greens, Uproot
    • person-hours (parts of KRFC could really use volunteer effort)
    • Obamamania
    • Willingness of CSU Ethnic Studies dept to write an official letter
    • Possibly favorable press via Eric Fried
  • What are our weaknesses in resources?
    • inside information
      • how best to advocate for AR?
      • who are the formal and informal decisionmakers?
      • where do they currently stand?
      • what are their underlying concerns (which we could proactively address)?
      • what is our leverage on them?
    • campaigner organization and cohesion
  • What efforts have we already made to achieve our goal?
    • Sally chat with General Manager
    • Paul, Carla, Sally attend Program Committee meeting
    • Paul strong contact with David Barsamian, obtained AR disks to share
    • changes to mission statement
  • Taking all of the above into account, what is our best Strategy for using our resources to achieve our goal?
    • Make a list of decisionmakers and at least speculate on questions above. For example PC members will have a concern about hurting an existing programmer whose time could be shortened.
    • neutralize GM and Board and perhaps other likely anti-AR-ers like Dianne
    • apply pressure to Programming Committee while simultaneously anticipating and resolving as many of their concerns as possible aka Getting to Yes.

Now it's finally time to pick a Tactic that works strategically toward the goal:

My guess -- first tactics could be aimed at neutralizing anti-AR-ers who typically use partisan taste-based
arguments and sometimes coercive influences on others. One possible method would be to ask questions
to elicit discussions about, and subtle affirmations of, principles-based high-quality procedures by which
programming decisions are ideally made.

  • What is our message*?
    • the message needs to fit into a clear story that we can tell about the issue
    • principled adherence to station charter is a "professional" responsibility -- personal taste is almost never appropriate
  • What tone* do we want to take? (shaming, supportive, educational, confrontational, mourning, celebratory…
    • nonjudgementally inquisitive -- learning about great parts of KRFC work
    • supportive of people doing this principled work
  • When will we act? (Timing)
  • Where will we take our stand?

Logistical timeline leading up to and through the event:

Counterplans for various anticipated reactions (rain, small turnout, police block our path)
if they ______________________ we will ____________________________________________
if they ______________________ we will ____________________________________________
if __________________________ we will ____________________________________________