important letters and articles

These letters and articles from various community members give a brief history of the developing struggle at KRFC.

Cast of characters:

  • Bethany Kohoutek - Reporter and editor for the Bullhorn
  • Bullhorn - the now defunct Fort Collins alternative weekly newspaper formally called the Rocky Mountain Bullhorn
  • Kevin Foskin - KRFC DJ, KRFC Programming Committee member, CSU professor
  • James Thompson - KRFC News Ranger, KRFC Public Affairs Committee member, host of KRFC's Bullhorn Talk Show, reporter for the Bullhorn
  • Kristianne Gale - very active KRFC volunteer and music DJ
  • Beth Flowers - KRFC General Manager 2004-2007
  • Kate Tarasenko - KRFC News Ranger, music DJ, local freelance writer
  • Eddie Arthur - Former and founding board member of KRFC, music DJ, host of the Bullhorn Talk Show
  • Jeff Rowan - KRFC News Ranger, Public Affairs committee member, Programming Committee member
  • David Lauer (R.I.P.) - strong KRFC member
  • Larry McCullough - strong KRFC member, former corporate and non-profit executive