2005-02/Feb Programming Comittee chair Kevin Foskin resigns

Sent in 2005 to the KRFC Programming Committee shortly following the first "firing" of Eddie Arthur.

I was prepared to force an issue this evening over the manner of Eddie's removal from this committee. I stand by my previous e-mail, which spoke of such a plan. I think it sets a bad precedent and it robs this committee of the useful autonomy it needs to truly represent the needs of all our programmers and listening members. We already had one situation where a committee member was nearly forced to resign for openly expressing his disagreement with our previous station manager. I think there are good reasons why we shouldn't allow for the removal of Eddie from the PC without even a minimal objection by all of you: it damages this committee’s reputation (for fairness) and potentially it undermines our integrity in the minds of many in our ranks. It may or may not be so, but honestly I think it’s the exact wrong road to take at this juncture.

I do have exact reasons and I am willing to send to any of you these reasons via the e-mail, but I doubt if many of you will be interested. Time doesn't allow for that now and, for once in my life, I wish to be brief and not right. Anyway, I don't think it would make a damn bit of difference in the long run. Yes, I’ve become that pessimistic, sad to say. In speaking with several individuals today, I have decided to not force any issue tonight. To do so, will cause further disruption.

Forgive me, but I do believe that what has happen to Eddie is wrong. I know he’s not a saint. Clearly, none of us are. He's my friend. I think he’s a great DJ. I have tried to argue that we should try and save what I see as a valuable volunteer asset. Please find it in your hearts to find some way of doing so in a manner that brings greater unity to this station. Don't kid yourselves; KRFC needs it badly right now. I will attach Eddie's statement in another e-mail when I get it. Would somebody be gracious enough to read it to the committee this evening, as I had promised?

My reasons for why I remain here have been squandered. I blame myself, no one else. Folks, I'm flat broke in that category. I believe there are plans for my weekly time slot. I offered to give it up freely, if that might help us. I did this in good faith. What you decide to do with it, I firmly believe, is also done in good faith. I will, obviously, fill in until a permanent replacement is found. That may not even be necessary. Just let me know. Everyone has the agenda for this evening. If not, e-mail me and I'll attach to you another one. I believe I just may well hold the record for serving the shortest period of time as facilitator for the PC in the history of KRFC: zero minutes. I won't be attending tonight’s meeting.

I thank everyone for the pleasure and license of having my own show for a while on KRFC.

I'll end this with a short personal story: this afternoon, a comment someone wrote to me was what finally knocked the wind out of what shaky commitment-to-continue I might have had left in me. I openly advertised to every one of my intentions last Thursday evening in an e-mail I posted to you all. Not a single person on this committee responded. I put the Eddie issue on the agenda as an item of discussion that I sent out for approval. I then reminded several individuals of just this fact over the weekend. I did get back one response, finally: I was accused of being devious. I was accused of acting in bad faith. I was accused of willfully planning to force an issue on folks without warning them. You know what, it was a good kick in the ribs. I'm getting out of the fracas. I'm headed for the first comfortable couch I can find and curl up. As Bob T. might say, happy trails.
Please accept this as my formal resignation.