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March General Meeting

River Rock CoHousing is located near where north Sherwood Street ends in a "T" at Lee Martinez Park. 520 N. Sherwood is the address if you want to get an internet map.

There are four choices for automobile parking:

Birthday Pot-Luck

Bring food or beverage to share and relax with friends on our second birthday!


By ETW Ioriginal at Rocky Mountain Chronicle)

On March 17, Open KRFC — a counter-movement of members and volunteers of KRFC 88.9 FM — celebrated its first year of resisting changes at the local community radio station.


Tuesday, 12 February 2008 (original at Rocky Mountain Chronicle)

Your story about changes in programming at KRFC (“KRFC Signs Off on Hightower,” January 17, News) seems to confirm what I suspected: Programs with a progressive point of view are slowly disappearing. I began to notice it this past autumn.


Thursday, 31 January 2008 (original at Rocky Mountain Chronicle)

I have often thought that if Voltaire was reborn in twentieth-century America, Jim Hightower might possibly be his latest incarnation. I was saddened to read that Hightower’s daily commentary is the most recent public-affairs programming to be axed from KRFC’s schedule.


By BRIAN HULL,, Rocky Mountain Chronicle
But the political commentator will still “agitate” for the Larimer Dems at their annual dinner.

Norberto Valdez - MLK 2007 Keynote

Keynote speech from the 2007 Martin Luther King Jr. celebration in Fort Collins

35:00 minutes (16.02 MB)

Rich Shaffer - Democracy

3:30 minutes (3.2 MB)

get involved

Our library and FAQ provide a lot of background and original documents about what happened and is happening at KRFC, while this recent timeline captures more recent history. We have a discussion mailing list and an announcements mailing list and regular meetings, usually on the fourth Tuesday of the month (see the left-hand column for specifics). Please contact us to join a mailing list or ask questions about meetings.

2006-06/Jun KRFC board replies to "demands"

Subject: [petition] response to June 1, 2006 meeting requests
From: "Susan Sternlieb"
Date: Thu, July 6, 2006 11:56

Dear OpenKRFC:

The KRFC Board of Directors has considered the issues that you presented to
us at the board meeting of June 1, 2006. Part of the discussion was in
regard to our new mission, vision, and core values document. Those concerns
include dissatisfaction with:

1. the speed of the process.
2. the inclusiveness of the process.
3. the differences between the old and new mission.

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