March General Meeting

River Rock CoHousing is located near where north Sherwood Street ends in a "T" at Lee Martinez Park. 520 N. Sherwood is the address if you want to get an internet map.

There are four choices for automobile parking:
  1. On Sherwood Street, anywhere between Sycamore Street and the "T".
  2. The Farm (turn left at the "T").
  3. Lee Martinez Park (turn right at the "T" and go down towards the tennis courts).
  4. There is usually a disabled parking space available in the lot at the Common House
Getting to the Common House once you have parked.
  • From Sherwood Street or The Farm - walk east through the commons to the Common House at the east end.
  • From the tennis court - walk east on the sidewalk that runs behind the buildings. You will go behind the Common House, up and around to the front.