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Didn't you guys send spam to people at KRFC?

We attempted to inform other volunteers at KRFC about this station-related matter but were only marginally successful since the mailing lists were heavily censored. A few recipients stated they did not enjoy the email, while others found it valuable.

Why should anyone care about the mission statement anyway?

Nobody would suggest that KRFC becoming a top-40 music station is the right thing to do, but why?

Why don't you put the conflict behind you as KRFC has done?

We believe that a healthy atmosphere for everyone at KRFC depends on safe and respectful airing of diverse ideas and mutual accountability to common agreements. The current conflict must be resolved by following those guidelines. Healing cannot occur if conflict is denied or ignored. Sometimes countries use truth commissions.

Nobody's perfect. Shouldn't we overlook people's flaws when they've contributed so much?

We honor people for the wonderful contributions they've made to KRFC, including the people in power, volunteers, underwriters, listeners, members, and grantors.

Isn't this just a personality conflict between a couple of people?

No. Many people have publicly weighed in on the issues on one side or another -- not merely two personalities. The unanimous board of directors voted to change the station mission, kick out members without due process, and deny later requests for resolution. Several people have publicly supported the board's positions. Over 80 people signed the petition questioning the mission change. Over 50 signed a letter asking for due process in the future. Others have written letters of inquiry and protest to the board.

Why did you change your name from Open KRFC to Save Grassroots Radio?

KRFC expressed concerns about the letters 'KRFC' in Open KRFC and there was a mix-up in a local newspaper. We don't want to cause further confusion for either group.

Why should I care that three members got ousted?

As a volunteer there is absolutely no guarantee that it cannot happen to you. KRFC has a policy to be followed in disciplinary situations. Three people were ousted using a loophole which denies them the due process of the policy and provides no recourse whatsoever. The KRFC board was asked for a promise not to use the loophole in the future but have declined. Knowing fair treatment could be denied them makes it difficult for volunteers to feel safe and provide their best creative work.

Does Save Grassroots Radio think change is bad?

Not all change is the same. Change based on shared mutual values and agreements is good, otherwise it is bad. KRFC has experienced both.

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