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2006-03/Mar Open KRFC "demands" letter

March 15/16, 2006
(note this was censored from most KRFC e-mail lists)
Subject: KRFC Denies Petition, Fires Volunteers

Dear KRFC Volunteers:

Congratulations to KRFC on a successful fund drive! Without all the volunteer time and hard work, KRFC would not be possible. We wanted everyone to be able to concentrate on the pledge drive so we waited until now to share our perspective.

We are a group of current and former KRFC volunteers, original founders, financial contributors, board members, programmers, and strategic planning committee members. We are working democratically and inclusively in an effort to make the founding KRFC mission a reality.

Many of us signed the petition, outlined in the bylaws, asking to send the proposed mission statement to a vote of the entire membership.

Program Changes, April 2, 2007

KRFC's new program schedule marginalizes progressive programming:

  • Free Speech Radio News, the daily half-hour evening-oriented news program is cancelled.
  • Democracy Now!, the daily one-hour morning-oriented news program is moved from 6pm to 7pm daily and will not air at all on Friday. Friday's show may be available at 5AM Saturday morning.
  • Counterspin, the weekly half-hour media criticism show is cancelled.
  • Alternative Radio, the weekly one-hour public affairs show is cancelled.

December General Meeting

Where: River Rock Common House, 520 North Sherwood #35, Fort Collins.

2006-02/Feb Board Announces New Mission

This text is from a postal letter sent to KRFC members, received around Feb 24, 2006. On the reverse side of the single page was the text of the new mission statement (technically at that point in time, the proposed new mission statement).

KRFC Bylaws

Bylaws of Public Radio for the Front Range
Amended May 8, 2003

Article I: Name and Purpose

Public Radio for the Front Range, Incorporated, dba KRFC (here in referred to as the "Corporation") is a community access radio entity created by and for its members to provide diverse and innovative programming which reflects the concerns and interests of the communities it serves.

KRFC Volunteer Expectations

Expectations and Responsibilities For KRFC Volunteers

This document was written using the opinions and input of many committed volunteers
with the goal of providing a clear and detailed outline of what happens when volunteers
make mistakes. It represents our common understanding about what constitutes
damaging and illegal actions towards our radio station. We expect that this document
will be used rarely and will be implemented using a common sense, rational approach
with the presumption that none of us makes mistakes on purpose.

2006-03/Mar An Open Letter to the KRFC Community from the Board

March 22, 2006

An Open Letter to the KRFC Community

Dear KRFC friends,

A lot has happened at the station since we went on air March 1, 2003. Much to our
delight and pride, we have grown faster and bigger than many of us expected. In this last
year alone, we installed brand new equipment in all our studios and more than 350 people
volunteered more than 40,000 hours of time ­ equivalent to nearly 20 full time staff.
We've moved from infancy to toddler to teenager as an organization in three short years.
With that growth has come struggle and pain.

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