Role Play 1 - Manager's Report at Station Meeting


As some of you may have heard, I have prohibited Pat from being on the air until we can sort some things out. I know you'd probably like more details, but we'd like to respect confidentiality regarding Pat the same as if Pat were an employee. I can say that Pat did something which endangered WAKD and I took protective action with the board's blessing.


Counterspin and Mainstreet Headlines

As you know, there's a proposal to put Mainstreet Headlines, a new locally-produced show, in the slot where Counterspin is now heard. Unfortunately the e-mail discussions are becoming polarizing and harrassing, so I am requesting that the topic not be discussed on e-mail until further notice.

Although the board usually stays away from programming decisions, they've decided we need a different process for this one, so at this meeting we are going to produce a recommendation from those of us present. For those who may have missed it, Mainstreet Headlines is a half-hour fast-paced news headline show, with headlines read by several different voices, and sourced from AP, Reuters, and well-known regional and local newspapers, including our alternative weekly paper. The producers tested the show at one of the local supermarkets by sharing two-minute segments of Counterspin and Mainstreet Headlines with 100 people. A healthy majority said they'd be more likely to stay tuned in if they heard Mainstreet Headlines, and to become a member of the station.

Before we get started working on a recommendation, are there any questions?