Grassroots Community Radio: an Endangered Resource

A Public Forum Featuring David Barsamian, sponsored by Save Grassroots Radio

David BarsamianDavid Barsamian
David Barsamian is the founder and director of Alternative Radio, an independent, award-winning, weekly radio program produced in Boulder, Colorado. AR presents information and perspectives that are ignored or distorted in the corporate-controlled media. The one-hour program is broadcast on more than 125 public radio stations around the world. Until recently, it was aired on KRFC fm, but they cut it with schedule changes. David will address the corporatization of community radio, which is happening locally and nationally.

His latest books are Targeting Iran and What We Say Goes

WHERE: River Rock Co-Housing Common House 520 North Sherwood

Sherwood north past Sycamore. Past the tracks on the right is River Rock
Co-Housing. The Common House is located on the east end, directly north of
the second driveway .If you are driving, please park at Martinez Park or
Farm--parking is restricted to residents. You'll find the Common House by
walking east through the commons.

For more information call 419-8944 or

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