What are Save Grassroots Radio's Goals?

  • A commitment from the board to never again use the "fast track" removal of volunteers by revoking their membership. Without an assurance of a fair hearing the disciplinary policy becomes moot, and any volunteer may be removed at the whim of the board or station manager.
  • A fair hearing per the board-approved grievance policy for the volunteers who were dismissed for "working against the best interests of the station."
  • A reconciliation relative to the petition that was signed by 89 members of KRFC which was thrown out by the board. The station manager cited the fact that there were no addresses with the signatures. The by-laws state that "a petition signed by 50 active members" Nothing else. The point of the whole matter is that 89 members signed a sheet of paper asking the board to allow the membership to vote on the change of the mission statement. The spirit of the by-laws was to have some safeguards to protect the mission statement from being frivolously changed. The actions of the station manager and board gave the finger to 89 station and community members. We think that mistake should be corrected. If the board and station manager really cared about the by-laws and democratic process they would have worked with those 89 supporters of KRFC by either extending the deadline or finding some way to meet those people half way. Instead their actions have exposed KRFC to lawsuit all because they could not allow their own members of KRFC to vote on whether to approve or disapprove the mission statement change. Once again they squashed all debate. They acted as though they knew what was best for all of us.
  • A discussion that clarifies once and for all what the governance structure is at KRFC.

These are the verbatim goals from a March 2006 letter sent to KRFC and a link to their reply.

  1. engage in dialogue and accept mediation
  2. offer fair hearings for the dismissed volunteers
  3. promise that there will be no more dismissals without due process
  4. contact petitioners whose signatures were considered invalid to notify them of the reason