about us

KRFC and Save Grassroots Radio (formerly Open KRFC) are located in Fort Collins, Colorado

Our Roots

KRFC's board of directors voted March 16th, 2006 to adopt a new mission statement despite a petition signed by ten times as many people as board members. Many signers were convinced by comparing the original and proposed missions. At the same meeting, the board avoided its own due-process discipline policy by voting to revoke three volunteers' memberships. Save Grassroots Radio (formerly Open KRFC) started from a group of people who signed the petition to send the board-selected mission statement to a vote of the membership. Since the petition was denied, groups of petitioners and others have been meeting regularly in support of the mission below. We also have a group story of how things got to be this way.

Our Mission

We are a group of current and former KRFC financial contributors, board members, volunteers, original founders, strategic planning committee members, and programmers. We operate democratically and inclusively in an effort to make the founding KRFC mission a reality.

Who can Join?

Anyone who supports our mission (above) is welcome to join. We have no formal membership, so the best way to join is to learn what's happened from this web site and then get involved in a way which works for you.

Our Story

After the petition regarding the mission statement was denied, many petitioners wrote a collective story from our perspective.

Save Grassroots Radio is registered with the State of Colorado as an unincorporated non-profit.