KRFC Public Affairs Screening (proposed)

Public Affairs, Spoken Arts Screening (Proposed)

Membership in the Public Affairs Screening Team

(This is similar to the PTFP grant team)

  • Everyone at the first meeting(s) of the team is on the team
  • To join the team, a person must attend two meetings in a row. At their third meeting they are members who can screen shows.
  • We strongly request a six-month commitment from new screeners.
  • People who have more than two (consecutive?) unexcused meeting absences are no longer members.
  • a team member list is available to staff and available upon request to staff
  • we aspire to have enough interest to rotate team members

How to Screen/Score a Public Affairs or Spoken Arts Show

 NOTE: to screen a non-music, non-public-affairs show, like a spoken word or drama show, omit the first question in the Requirements table, and give a score of (2) for the "distinguishes opinion from news" Quality question[6] 
  1. Members of the Public Affairs Screening Team volunteer to hear and score the show
  2. Conflict of Interest
    • Show submitter(s) have a conflict of interest
    • Each potential screener discloses any conflicts of interest they may have regarding the submitted show.
    • By consensus of rest of the PA screening team, those with a conflict of interest may be asked not to screen or participate in the post-screening group consensus discussion.
    • By consensus of the rest of the PA screening team, the team may decide not to discuss a show when people with conflicts of interest are present
  3. Three screeners are the minimum required for a valid score.
  4. Each screener independently fills out this form
  5. After listening, a meeting is convened to produce a consensus recommendation.
    • Who can attend?
      • Those with conflicts of interest are asked not to attend, see Conflict of Interest above
      • Everyone else is welcome, however only the show screeners participate in the consensus
    • Screeners resolve differences item by item, settling on a team score for each
    • Shows with no Requirements which Need Work are given a total score and A-F grade
    • Screeners may decide to recommend or not recommend the show to the Programming Committee. This is a matter of opinion but is based on the show score.
    • The team records the count of individual subjective personal opinions in the appropriate place on the form.
  6. All the scores and opinions are communicated to the Programming Committee
  7. Feedback is provided to the show submitter so they may improve their submission or show, regardless of whether the show is recommended or adopted
  8. The show and review scores and comments are stored securely, and may be viewed by people who promise to maintain confidentiality. These archives can provide guidance for future screeners and also enable accountability and transparency.


This is the pass/fail table -- shows with "Needs Work" are not recommended for KRFC

 Does the show contain issues, public affairs, or local news?[6] If the answer is "no", this show shouldn't be screened by the public-affairs screening committee.  No  Yes 
 Is the show free from name calling and personal attacks?  Needs Work  Acceptable 
 Is the show free from KRFC political policy violations (which includes FCC/IRS)?  Needs Work  Acceptable 
 Consistent audio levels (where applicable Needs Work  Acceptable 
 Intelligible sound (free from buzzing, noise Needs Work  Acceptable 
 Clear announcing  Needs Work  Acceptable 
 Topic area has enough engaging content for how often the show is proposed to air?  Needs Work  Acceptable 

Describe any KRFC policy violations:

Political/FCC/IRS Policy

Might want to alert station management if the show producers are likely to need extra coaching on the political policy, or if syndicated, if the show may need extra-careful screening.

FYI httpKRFC Mission Statement (would be GREAT to have a PA mission instead!)


 This Show:  Strongly Disagree  Disagree  Neutral  Agree  Strongly Agree 
   Many Voices and Ideas 
 increases the diversity of voices and ideas on KRFC[1]  0  2  4  6  8 
 presents a diversity of voices and a wide spectrum of ideas[2]  0  2  4  6  8 
   Underserved Voices[3] 
 presents a demographic(s), ideology(s), or interest group(s) who routinely has their points of view omitted or misrepresented in the mainstream media  0  4  8  12  16 
   Public-Affairs Excellence 
 entertains[4]  0  1  2  3  4 
 stimulates  0  1  2  3  4 
 challenges  0  1  2  3  4 
 clearly distinguishes opionion from news[6]  0  1  2[6]  3  4 
   Community Connections 
 fosters community connections and a sense of belonging  0  1  2  3  4 
 has local relevence in our community  0  1  2  3  4 
 fosters the growth of culture in our community  0  1  2  3  4 
 provides an outlet for creative skills and energies of commmunity members  0  1  2  3  4 
   Radio Excellence 
 is an original and creative concept[5]  0  2  3  4  6 
 has high sound quality (levels, clarity, etc...)  0  1  3  5  6 
 has good flow  0  1  2  3  4 
 Total Quality Score (0-80) = __ 0-F-13-E-27-D-40-C-53-B-67-A-80  A B C D E F 

Personal Screener Opinions

If this show came on KRFC I would:

 Who  Stop listening to KRFC  Keep radio on, if on already  organize my life to hear this show 
 Screener 1       
 Screener 2       
 Screener 3       
 Screener 4       
 Screener 5       
 Screener 6       

Screening Committee Discussion and Recommendation:


Paul's footnotes -- NOT a decision of the committee!!!

[1] a show adding a voice or set of ideas, like an Ag show, helps KRFC add to its palette especially if it is one not heard much on KRFC
[2] some shows might score highly adding to KRFC's palette of voices/ideas. here a show can get more credit if within the show are a wide variety of voices
[3] both the KRFC mission and the Corporation for Public Broadcast charter speak about giving voice to underserved communities and it is arguably a part of FCC non-commercial requirements
[4] particularly in PA, "entertains" is a tricky value, because lots of PA is important, perhaps rivetting, but may not be fun. examples are public-service coverage during crises or coverage of unpleasant community problems
[5] should an interview show be penalized because it isn't really a new concept?
[6]+++ to screen a non-music, non-public-affairs show, like a spoken word or drama show, omit the first question in the Requirements table, and give a score of (2) for the "distinguishes opinion from news" Quality question