Frequently Asked Questions

No, even though it may look that way because founders were involved in
a disagreement.

  • A commitment from the board to never again use the "fast track" removal of volunteers by revoking their membership. Without an assurance of a fair hearing the disciplinary policy becomes moot, and any volunteer may be removed at the whim of the board or station manager.
  • A fair hearing per the board-approved grievance policy for the volunteers who were dismissed for "working against the best interests of the station."
  • A reconciliation relative to the petition that was signed by 89 members of

Grassroots Radio is an offshoot of public radio, characterized by community access and volunteer involvement in every aspect of station operations. (more in-depth explanation in the paper THE GRASSROOTS RADIO MOVEMENT IN THE U.S.)

As a volunteer there is absolutely no guarantee that it cannot happen to you. KRFC has a policy to be followed in disciplinary situations. Three people were ousted using a loophole which denies them the due process of the policy and provides no recourse whatsoever. The KRFC board was asked for a promise not to use the loophole in the future but have declined. Knowing fair treatment could be denied them makes it difficult for volunteers to feel safe and provide their best creative work.

No. Many people have publicly weighed in on the issues on one side or another -- not merely two personalities. The unanimous board of directors voted to change the station mission, kick out members without due process, and deny later requests for resolution. Several people have publicly supported the board's positions. Over 80 people signed the petition questioning the mission change. Over 50 signed a letter asking for due process in the future. Others have written letters of inquiry and protest to the board.

We are a group of people who oppose what we believe to be unfair and detrimental actions at the local radio station that we love. Political generalizations and assertions of nefarious motives are distractions from the issues. Save Grassroots Radio has stated goals relating to fairness and accountability.

Not all change is the same. Change based on shared mutual values and agreements is good, otherwise it is bad. KRFC has experienced both.

KRFC expressed concerns about the letters 'KRFC' in Open KRFC and there was a mix-up in a local newspaper. We don't want to cause further confusion for either group.


We attempted to inform other volunteers at KRFC about this station-related matter but were only marginally successful since the mailing lists were heavily censored. A few recipients stated they did not enjoy the email, while others found it valuable.

Nobody would suggest that KRFC becoming a top-40 music station is the right thing to do, but why?

We believe that a healthy atmosphere for everyone at KRFC depends on safe and respectful airing of diverse ideas and mutual accountability to common agreements. The current conflict must be resolved by following those guidelines. Healing cannot occur if conflict is denied or ignored. Sometimes countries use truth commissions.

We honor people for the wonderful contributions they've made to KRFC, including the people in power, volunteers, underwriters, listeners, members, and grantors.

No. It would violate KRFC's charter, which Save Grassroots Radio supports. Music is essential to a well-rounded grassroots station.

Perspectives which are marginalized or under-represented in the main corporate media should be aired on KRFC. Progressive perspectives fit this definition and should be aired, but there are other marginalized perspectives in our community which should also be aired. During the founding of the station, conservative shows were sought out and none were found at affordable prices. Conservatives at KRFC were solicited for on-air soapboxes by at least two Save Grassroots Radio members. KRFC is fortunate to have the show Words of Freedom which is not from a leftist perspective.

Just like many of the great sustainable AND successful business around Fort Collins, Save Grassroots Radio believes you do not have to sacrifice values for profitability. You can have both.

We support a living form of democracy that would be determined by the board, volunteers and members, after open discussions. The board has fought this kind of discussion and removed of the word "democracy" from the mission statement. We feel it is important to not let total power be locked into the hands of just a few. Accountability and checks and balances protect everyone from the few who may decide that only they know what is best for the volunteers, listeners, and members.

Until an unbiased hearing is held, the vague charges of "acting against the best interests of the station" are unfounded. The ousted volunteers, who don't believe they did anything wrong, should be presumed innocent until proven guilty and their memberships restored. The board did not use their own discipline policy which has procedures for hearings, and there is no guarantee that other people with diverse opinions different from the manager or board won't be treated the same way.