2005-05/May 20 people ask board for independent review of Eddie's dismissal

Dear Members of the Board;

As was obvious at the last Board meeting, the "Eddie" issue is not going to go away. We have all read the letter Eddie received from Beth. The charges in it are so vague and ambiguous that they are useless to anyone who may want to fairly defend themselves or even discover what they have done wrong so they can apologize and stop those behaviors in the future. You have heard this repeatedly, from us as well as others - allowing one person the sole power to dismiss volunteers from the station, particularly for reasons as vague as the ones stated in Eddie's letter, is a dangerous concentration of power in one person. It is an egregious violation of the 'democracy' component of our Mission Statement. It sets a dangerous precedent, and as concerned members of this station, we cannot allow it to stand.

The 'Eddie' issue has polarized the volunteers and undermined the sense of community that KRFC is supposed to promote. In the interests of restoring some measure of trust and harmony at the station, we would like to request the Board's support in an independent review process. We feel that the process should include appointing an independent committee to review the evidence and render an independent decision. The committee should contain members and volunteers who can be unbiased in their assessment of the facts in the case.

This process can only be a win-win solution for everyone. The Board and GM can demonstrate leadership by their willingness to participate in an independent review. Everyone, including Eddie, will abide by the decision of the independent committee, and the whole matter can be laid to rest. Trust in the management of the station will be somewhat restored and we can all begin building bridges toward community together again.

We would appreciate your response to this suggestion as soon as possible.


Michael Parrott, Member listener
Dave Canter, Volunteer/Member
Meg Corwin, Member/Volunteer
Dean Arnold, Volunteer/Member/Programmer
Kristianne Gale, Member/Volunteer
Fernando Valerio-Holquin, Member/Volunteer
Chris Rozoff, Member listener
Javier Gonzalez, Member/Volunteer
Jennifer Balser, 'Streaming' Listener/Member/Volunteer
Kevin Foskin, Member listener
David Roy Former Volunteer/DJ
Rich Schafer, Member listener
Kathleen McCluskey, Community listener
Adam Brandon, Community listener
Carmen Reid, Member/Volunteer
Sandy Lemberg, Member listener
David Canter, Member/Volunteer
Jeff Rowan, Member listener
Jill Schaefer, Member listener